We take the investment you make in your new brand as seriously as if we were spending our own money.


Here is some useful information about the investment in your brand identity project including our fees, your budget and our approach to spec work.


We understand the importance of knowing what any work will cost before embarking upon it, and whilst some of our pricing is set – such as our hourly studio rates – some projects can be more flexible and these can be subject to specific pricing once your objectives have been established.

You can be confident that we never hide fees or give clients nasty surprises when we invoice – we always offer a high quality service that delivers true value for your investment.

We appreciate that investing in your brand identity is a considerable financial commitment and can be a little daunting.

As a result, we approach projects with the assumption that all clients have budgets that come under scrutiny and that everything we do needs to deliver measurable results.

We don’t have a set price list as each client has different needs and objectives. Pricing is based upon the depth of work required and the size of the overall project.

For example a standalone small business start up will have different requirements to a full rebrand for a major multinational retailer. Every client is different and thus, so is their investment.

Once you tell us more about your project and your requirements, we’ll be able to provide details of the likely investment required.

Spec Work

As an award-winning branding agency, we are a real business with real clients and bills to pay so we do not compete with $25 logo sites or build complex brand identity schemes for £99, however we will do much more for your business than these discounters ever could.

So unfortunately, we don’t work for free, work on spec or provide mockups or a ‘few concepts’ to see if you’ll like it before deciding if you’ll hire us.

There are a number of reasons for this – including the impact that working speculatively has upon on our industry – but the main one is that it is impossible to provide a creative concept until specific elements of the project have been confirmed.

No design agency serious about what they do or as committed to providing genuine solutions to the issue you face as we are, could possibly do this.

At least it is presumptuous and at worst it shows a clear attempt to make what they have fit your needs.

In our experience we find that to design without both content and context is merely decoration.

Once your specific requirements and your short, medium and long term objectives and ongoing strategy are established – and only then – can a clearly defined look and feel be created.

Great design can only be informed design and this only comes through research and collaboration with you. A visually pleasing ‘best guess’ created upfront as part of a sales tactic can never be good design.

Unlike some agencies, we are not in the business of selling. We love our work and we love the results we achieve and that is because every project is unique, crafted with thought and research and – most importantly – with respect for our clients.

We put all our resources into every client that engages us because we don’t need to save our best ideas to sell ourselves to potential new clients.

We insist on doing things properly and so we don’t cut corners just to do it faster or cheaper because we find this comes back to haunt you down the line. We find doing things right first time is always the most cost-effective way of doing it.