Eight questions to find out if you should rebrand your business.

As your time in business passes, there are a number of changes that can put your brand’s ability attract and retain customers at risk.

If this sounds familiar, then you need to do something about it – consider rebranding to breathe life into your business.

Many brands – both small and large – fall into the trap of believing that as they once had a thriving, relevant brand that was successful in the initial years following the launch of their organisation, their brand will consistently maintain it’s position and impact upon their target audience.

They mistakenly think that any initial successes will remain consistent forever.

However, this is a potentially risky approach to take.

Think about seemingly healthy brands disappear, it should make you think ‘what could they have done to prevent their downfall?’

It might have been down to any number of things that affect a business but we find it often comes down complacency.

So whether you have been in business for decades or just a few years – or even if you’ve recently started out and this resonates with you, and whatever the reason for considering a rebrand or a brand refresh, it’s much better to anticipate the need before it’s too late.

If you’re wondering about your business and whether you should rebrand, start by asking yourself the following eight questions:

  1.  Has your business had a change in management or strategic direction?
  2. Are you planning to change, expand or diversify your product or service range?
  3. Have you or are you planning to enter into a new market[s]?
  4. as your customer profile changed since the launch of your business?
  5. Has the market environment changed or do you have more competitors than before?
  6. Does your visual identity still match the vision, values and messaging of the business?
  7. Does your brand identity still work consistently across all media?
  8. Are sales still increasing at a healthy rate?

Having considered these questions, if you have answered yes to most of them – and in particular number ten, then it is probably a good time to consider a rebranding exercise to help drive growth to your business.

This doesn’t automatically mean a complete shift in everything you’re doing.

It may just be that you need a brand audit that will assess how your current activities are working and how you are viewed by your target audience and whether this matches the direction of your organisation.

It may lead you to require some minor tweaks and changes to your brand strategy, your positioning and messaging, marketing communications and brand identity.

Or it could be that a complete rebranding exercise is required to improve your visual identity, the way you communicate with your customers.

At the end of the day successful rebranding is about adapting and innovating. Now may be the right time to review your look and feel and the consumer environment and think about how you can work to keep them interested, connected and returning time after time.

A detailed, strategic brand redesign process will be hugely rewarding. It should inspire internally within your business and also externally in the minds of your consumers.

It should motivate you as a business owner but also your potential customers. It will move your organisation forward with a clearly defined strategy and a timeless visual identity that attracts and retains business.

Refreshing your brand identity or rebranding your business completely is an investment. An investment in your business and in your customers. We have written previously about why it is always worth investing in branding and you can learn more about your investment here.

If you are unsure whether now is the time to invest in your branding, you could try turning the question around and decide whether you can afford not to. Especially if you answered yes to most of the ten questions above.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward building your brand so that you are ready for the challenges ahead, then we’d love to discuss your objectives with you.

Carter Branding Founder Daniel James
Daniel James is the founder and creative lead at Carter Branding.
With over twenty years’ experience, he is equally at home working on branding and design projects for major international PLC’s as he is supporting ambitious businesses and innovative start ups.
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