As branding experts, we know that research and insight are crucial when establishing your brand strategy.


We start your branding project with a thorough understanding of your current standing. We use these findings to develop the strategy that comes in phase two.

Brand Research

From the outset, we get under the skin of your business, your people, your customers and your market place.

We investigate your current status by taking input from your people – including employees, customers and partners.

We carry out market, competitive and consumer research to establish existing brand perception and engagement.

What we do

  • Direct brand research
  • Existing brand application audits
  • Consumer and competitor insights
  • Internal and external input
  • Market environment research

Additionally, we consider consumer types, the competitive landscape, business objectives and core values, the unique business proposition[s] and the market in which the organisation operates.

Only when we understand your existing position and where you want to be, are we able to work with you to develop and create your new brand.

The results of this comprehensive investigation and planning will dictate the strategy, brand creation and application that comes in the following steps.

The second stage in our four step process is Brand Strategy.