As branding experts, we know the importance of a clearly defined strategy ahead of creating your new brand.


Before we can begin creating your new brand, we take the research from stage one and develop the strategy that dictates the creation of your new brand in phase three.

Brand Strategy

Using the findings from the initial research stage, we develop your individual brand strategy.

We outline your brand essence, your brand positioning and your brand values – what you are and what you’re not.

We’ll help to develop your brand vision which is used to communicate your new brand both internally and externally.

In addition, we help introduce your brand mission – who you are, what you do and why you do it. This is the basis of your brand and it is used to drive the brand creation and application phases.

What we do

  • Company, brand, product, service or campaign naming
  • Tagline creation
  • New product and / or service development[s]
  • Brand vision, values, mission and direction
  • Brand essence, purpose and personality
  • Tone of voice and messaging
  • Ongoing brand culture strategy

We can set key measurements and brand objectives to enable us to establish what success will look like and how to measure the impact of your new brand strategy.

Once we have your objectives and strategic direction in place, we are able to establish challenges and how your new brand will overcome them.

The results of this brand strategy process will dictate the brand creation and application that comes in the following steps.

The third stage in our four step process is Brand Creation.