Why it might be the right time to refresh your brand identity.

As branding and design experts, we know how vital it is to create and maintain the right image.

Whether you’re a new kid on the block or an old-timer, here are some ways to tell it’s time to redesign your brand identity.

When first starting a business many people simply think that any old logo will do and often it’s a case of just writing your name in a different font or an unusual colour and perhaps with a bit of clipart next to it. There’s so much else to think about when starting out so you can be forgiven for overlooking the importance of your brand identity.

So now that things have got a bit more serious and as your business grows or changes focus, it’s time to think about how you look in the eyes of others.

An original logo and broader brand definition a business may have is likely to have been based on the hopes and plans you had for your company at the start. However, now you’re trading successfully, it’s possible that you find the business isn’t following the path you thought it would, and your business may have taken a whole new direction.

So why should you consider redesigning my company logo? Here are five reasons:

1. Company Name
If you change your company name then it’s important to ensure your logo and promotional materials reflect this. There’s nothing worse than sending confusing messages out to existing or potential customers. Resist the temptation to just put your new company name alongside the old logo in the hope that it will do.

If you don’t take the time to invest in a redesign of your logo, it can create a bad impression and some customers may become suspicious as to why just your name changed suddenly.

By spending time changing your brand you can be proud of the improvement and it’s a great opportunity to relaunch your business with a fresh start – your new identity can do much of this work for you.

2. Tired and Old Fashioned
If your current brand is looking tired or old fashioned, the chances are that’s how you are perceived by potential customers – and it’s definitely time to look for an update.

Does your current identity truly reflect your business and what you do? If not, then you should seriously consider refreshing your appearance.

3. Your Business Changes
May be your business has changed to such an extent that your identity no longer truly represents what you are or what you do.

Perhaps you started by personally serving each client you have and now you employ a vast team of specialists assigned to each specific area of your business.

A new identity helps to establish and communicate your brand values more accurately and will support service expectations.

4. New or Improved Services
Whilst minor changes to products you offer or services you provide shouldn’t mean you have to redesign your identity, if you have changed a range of services or you’ve grown considerably in terms of what you offer, then your brand should reflect your improved standing in the market.

A redesign of your brand for this reason makes lots of sense as it shows how your business has changed which in turn often encourages existing customers to consider you for work that they may not have thought you can do or to use services they didn’t know you offered.

5. New Target Audience
It’s not unusual for a company to change target markets – perhaps it’s new products or services that have led you to target new areas or it could be that you are looking to take existing products or serving into an existing market.

If so, then it is highly likely that you will need to improve the impression you make and a new corporate identity can really help get you noticed and make the impact needed.
Should your business have changed in any of these key areas, then it’s time you assessed the thinking and visual elements associated with it – with a view to redesigning your brand.

Need Convincing?
Let our expert design team provide you with an insight into how your brand identity can help you gain new business. Updating your visual existing identity with a professionally created brand [based on research and a clear strategy] provides your business with a distinctive edge that will help you get the attention your business needs.

Carter Branding Founder Daniel James
Daniel James is the founder and creative lead at Carter Branding.
With over twenty years’ experience, he is equally at home working on branding and design projects for major international PLC’s as he is supporting ambitious businesses and innovative start ups.
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