Why you need a copywriting specialist for your marketing communications.

Our friends at Write Again, a copywriting agency, explain why hiring a copywriting specialist to write your marketing communications makes perfect sense.

If you are a business owner or you are the person responsible for the copy for an ambitious business, then this is for you.

You’re good at what you do – you drive the business, you want what’s best for your brand, your customers and of course your sales.

You rightly focus on scaling your business, promoting your products and services and fulfilling customer needs.

So experience will tell you when you know you need help with something you have little knowledge or experience of. Perhaps you value a timely solution more than the cost. So why would you write your own content if you didn’t have to?

But you also know how important it is to communicate with your current and target audience in an authentic way. You look to get your message across succinctly, clearly, effectively and in a tone that resonates with your customers.

So here are three key benefits having a professional copywriter create copy for you:

Save Time

Although writing content might be near the top of your priorities list, it may currently sit near the bottom of your to-do list, so investing in professionally written copy for your brand will certainly save you time.

You’ve got plenty to do on a daily basis and perhaps you’re also:

  • Worried because you’re missing your sales targets
  • Upset because you’re losing ground to new or inferior competitors
  • Disappointed because you’re losing out on proposals you should win

We’re often told that writing a 500-word blog post never takes the half day clients hope it will and that writing proposals can be a really painful experience. You may know what you want to say but actually delivering it is another thing entirely.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you write all the content you need?
  • To the standard you want and the reader requires?
  • Do you always meet the project deadline?

And can you do all this as well as doing the rest of your job?

Save Money

Professionally written copy makes financial sense for your business too because you won’t need to:

  • Struggle writing it yourself
  • Be distracted from revenue-generating tasks
  • Suffer with ineffective proposals, tenders or sales material

Investing in revised content for your website, tenders or marketing materials allows you to concentrate on running your business, promoting your brand and driving sales.

Get Things Done

If you typically spend even as little as half a day on a single piece of content, consider what could you be doing instead.

What could you achieve in the time it would take to write your own blog post or the text for a sales brochure for example? How many new prospects could you source? How many sales calls could you make? What about solving customer services issues?

Would your time be better spent sending quotations or invoices? Or what about holding sales or client meetings? Or would you better spending time improving business processes, procedures and policies?

You would trust your accountant or solicitor to do a quicker, more efficient and more effective job than you could. So why not trust a professional copywriter with one of the most important elements of your marketing… communicating your unique proposition[s] in the correct tone for your brand?

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